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Days of Thunder

Disutradarai oleh Tony Scott
Amerika Serikat, 1990


Revolves around a talented, hot-shot auto racing rookie Cole Trickle (Tom Cruise), who, after trying his hand in the American open wheel ranks, seeks to win on the NASCAR circuit.

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Days of Thunder Disutradarai oleh Tony Scott

Ulasan Kritikus

My first contact with the film came at the Paramount’s Carowinds theme park in 1995, where a Days of Thunder motion-simulation attraction had opened at the site’s Action Theater… By the end of the ride, the kid next to me had shit his pants, which at the time seemed awfully embarrassing; in hindsight, it’s perhaps the only proper response to Bruckheimer cinema, where all of the ass-patting, wafting smoke, and rubbin’ amounts to little more than corporate foreplay.
June 25, 2015
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