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913 Rating

Dear Wendy

Disutradarai oleh Thomas Vinterberg
Denmark, Prancis, 2005
Komedi, Kriminal, Drama


Teenager Dick Dandelion lives in the poor mining town of Estherslope. Strangely attracted by a gun he has bought by mistake, he convinces other young outcasts in the town to join him in a secret club he calls The Dandies, based on the motto “Pacifism with guns”.

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Dear Wendy Disutradarai oleh Thomas Vinterberg

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  • Harry Rossi's rating of the film Dear Wendy

    You can tell by the astounding narration and stinging commentary that this film was written by Lars. I loved the inherent contradiction of gun culture attempting to be safe, while also involving a deadly weapon. Acting was wonderful. Liked the film but I didn't love it. Wasn't nearly as funny as Dogville and visuals were definitely lacking (even though Vinterberg used Lars regular Mantle). Good film, just not great.

  • anarresti's rating of the film Dear Wendy

    Pacifists with guns. Here's a very good exploration of how that has to fail. Probably what I would like for this film (don't know if Lars Von Triers' original play has it) is a sense of universality, That we find in stories/films like "Lord of The Flies", "Blindness" or "The Road". Or even in Haneke's "The White Ribbon". And this just just feels like it's «only» aimed at USA's gun craze. But maybe it's me.

  • This is Jake Kath's rating of the film Dear Wendy

    Vineterberg and Von Trier might be xenophobic danes that present their fears to the point of exaggeration BUT damn, they're funny motherfuckers at it! This movie does anti-american propaganda in my favorite way, as a dark comedy. Pacifism and gun obsession can not and will not go together. That's obvious. What's surprising about the movie is how the downfall isn't brought by gun obsession but image.

  • dAlton Anthony's rating of the film Dear Wendy

    I am sympathetic to this project but it was tedious as all hell and I never found anything to latch on to. From colonial settlerism to the spaghetti Western, Europeans have always felt at ease projecting themselves upon the Americas. But they never get it right. Dear Wendy tries to take on the country's divided history from racism (note the confederate flag) to industrialism and when this fails descends into satire.

  • Dogville59's rating of the film Dear Wendy

    von Trier is why my MUBI user name is Dogville59. He wrote Dear Wendy and along with direction by Thomas Vinterberg made this movie. Trier is able to scathingly expose American insanity in this case via its obsession with the gun.Gun proponents should watch this movie. Powerful and cuts through the dark side of America as only Trier can: the same way Dogville does. No wonder a certain segment of America hates him.

  • Gaurav Singhmar's rating of the film Dear Wendy

    The trouble with parables is they tend to overpromise on depth and underdeliver on the promise. But a word to the preponderant run of comment here - the gun is a metaphor for confidence which cultivated inside develops strength and reserve but also naivete and misapprehension, and so on, it's so obvious I feel cheap for bringing it up. This is not a film about NRA culture for god's sake.

  • TafollaMX's rating of the film Dear Wendy

    Muchos comentarios negativos! sin embargo a mi me gustaron los personajes (y el gran soundtrack. Sin profundizar mucho en la historia y su significado, creo que es bastante entretenida. Al personaje de Susan le faltó una pizca mas de participación para ponerla dentro de mis favoritos!

  • BONAN's rating of the film Dear Wendy

    Un très bon film (images, décors, personnages, scénario). A comparer avec d'autres du même réalisateur ... Je ne crois pas avoir saisi le retournement de situation : la peur démesurée face à ce gang reste inexpliquée. Bon film.

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