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637 Rating


Disutradarai oleh Jean-Marc Vallée
Amerika Serikat, 2015
Komedi, Drama


An investment banker struggling to understand his emotional disconnect after the tragic death of his wife begins to tear apart his life in a effort to see where he went wrong, is ultimately…

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Demolition Disutradarai oleh Jean-Marc Vallée
The yuppie-finding-his-soul scenario is a very old and not particularly compelling one, and the fact that this film borrows elements from “Regarding Henry,” “American Beauty,” Saul Bellow’s “Herzog,” and the Jim Carrey “Liar, Liar,” for heaven’s sake, does not exactly redound to its benefit. However, Vallée directs with no small amount of verve and energy, as if he genuinely believes he can bring something new to this particular table.
April 08, 2016
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[Davis] has to break down his life and rebuild it in order to feel something, and it’s hard not to sense that Vallée and Sipe are doing the same thing with their film, presenting pieces in search of a whole. And while these fragments don’t all quite come together, Demolition does close out with a series of emotional bursts that have an undeniable cumulative power and retroactively justify its hesitant, disconnected quality. Amazingly, if awkwardly, the experiment works.
April 08, 2016
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Like the most facile sections of American Beauty — with which it shares much in common, including a tightly wound Chris Cooper — Demolition takes aim at the sterile trappings of bourgeois privilege, smashing them into splinters in order to access the real truth underneath.
April 07, 2016
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