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13.826 Rating


Disutradarai oleh David Lynch
Amerika Serikat, 1977
Avant-Garde, Horor


Berlatar belakang gurun yang tak bernama, tandus, dan terpencil, Eraserhead dengan bebas mengisahkan kerja keras dari si pecundang Henry Spencer yang berambut “jigrak”. Kehidupan suramnya menjadi lebih buruk saat pacarnya berkata ia melahirkan “anak” mereka, mutan yang berisik dan mengganggu.

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Eraserhead Disutradarai oleh David Lynch
You could describe Eraserhead shot for shot to someone, and then when they sit down to watch it, the irrational terror would be undiminished: Lynch is a master of ideas that don’t “make sense” but somehow strike directly into the subconscious… What’s even more surprising… is the film’s utter control of technique, the perfect completeness of its imaginary universe, the moments of bizarre humor, and the way that even though its setting is through the looking glass, it feels uniquely American.
October 22, 2017
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Lynch strikes such a balance between the two types of anxious feeling—between the brash and the banal—that one might be revulsed with equal force by a bedpost as by a syruping, wailing fetus. It’s a technique, that uncanny way the drab objects of quotidian life might suddenly play as fantastical on screen.
December 16, 2015
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One of the few sui generis movies of the last few decades, it adheres to no known conventions and never settles on a tone, poised between humor and horror, combining queasy fascination and ecstatic disgust. It faintly resembles a silent comedy at times, a splatter flick at others.
November 03, 2015

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