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Disutradarai oleh Michael Almereyda
Amerika Serikat, 2016


Escapes blazes a wild path through mid-20th-century Hollywood via the uncanny experiences of Hampton Fancher–flamenco dancer, actor, and the unlikely producer and screenwriter of the landmark sci-fi classic Blade Runner.

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Escapes Disutradarai oleh Michael Almereyda
The title refers not only to the film’s protagonist — the writer, actor, director, flamenco dancer, and runaway Hampton Fancher — but also to Almereyda’s formal decision to exit the prison of documentary objectivity. Subjectivity — the “deranged private world inhabited by one person,” as Philip K. Dick puts it — is the deepest preoccupation of his film.
April 13, 2018
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Mr. Fancher’s movie love and way of spinning a yarn to its near-breaking point — one detour opens onto another — dovetail nicely with the cinephilia and playfulness that characterize Mr. Almereyda’s movies (“Experimenter”). He folds plenty of tangy bits into “Escapes” — Mr. Fancher palled around with fame and was romantically involved with Sue Lyon and Barbara Hershey — but the movie is more essayistic gloss than definitive biography. It’s a liberating take.
July 25, 2017
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Fancher is an unusual kind of storyteller, someone with a lot of very cool experiences told in a largely placid tone, without the honed-with-years stop-and-starts of the kind of raconteur who’s timed reaction to his anecdotes down to a repetitive science. The film’s both a blast and a little sneakily sad: Restlessness punctuated by lots of improbably lucky breaks is the gift and the curse.
June 15, 2017
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