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17.770 Rating

Eyes Wide Shut

Disutradarai oleh Stanley Kubrick
Amerika Serikat, Inggris, 1999
Thriller, Drama


After his wife admits a sexual fantasy of infidelity, a man begins a journey into his own fantasies, leading him into a dark world of secrecy and masked orgies.

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Eyes Wide Shut Disutradarai oleh Stanley Kubrick
Importantly, both [The Wife and Eyes Wide Shut] are Christmas confections. The performances are skillful, earnest, even – but the films themselves are black comedies. A little trashy, and a lot of fun.
December 28, 2018
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[It’s] only truly unsettling on contemplation: on the surface, it’s one of Kubrick’s funniest (with some of the most eccentric supporting performances in anything he made after THE KILLING) and most luminous, capturing the allure of Manhattan in winter with remarkably simple lighting arrangements.
June 01, 2018
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It’s a movie about spectacle, it’s about performance, it’s about costumes (it is literally about costumes), it’s about the neon blue light of the moon. Two decades earlier, they would’ve given this script to Russ Meyer and he also would have turned it into a complex, contradictory horror smut melodrama, which is what Eyes Wide Shut is. Or at least that’s what it felt like yesterday.
September 20, 2016
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  • Richmond Hill's rating of the film Eyes Wide Shut

    A curious coda to Kubrick's career akin to a portrait awaiting final touches - what's missing (or may never have been) more interesting than what is in view. The end result - if one can call it that - is a highly suggestive and discursive exercise that hints, skirts and meanders around very dark territory indeed. At face value a rather dreary psycho-sexual drama but as a jigsaw of other concerns, rather fascinating.

  • Jason's rating of the film Eyes Wide Shut

    A brilliant, cold comedy about sexual mores, repression, and the insidious business the hopelessly repressed get up to in order to get off (or fail to). Don't think it's a comedy? Not even after the third time Tom Cruise flashes his ID like a detective to establish that he is a doctor? Ego, man. The ultimate erection-complicater. If the women seem like castrating hysterics, it is because our hero frames them as such.

  • Michael H. CLAES's rating of the film Eyes Wide Shut

    D’hypocrites conventions amènent à fonctionner sur l'apparence, à vivre avec des masques. Kubrick fait tomber ceux-ci dans 1 cruelle et grandiose fable moralisatrice. Chef d'oeuvre à voir & revoir, où chaque détail compte. ====== With Barry LYNDON, Kubrick's masterpiece. ------------- Own photos : ---------------

  • Daniel Roque's rating of the film Eyes Wide Shut

    Tom Cruise attempting to have sex with anyone but his wife - wonder how accurate this is to the real life. The cinematography is not as mesmerizing as Kubrick's previous films, but the scenes from the secret sexual group and the haunting piano music made it a little less boring.

  • anarresti's rating of the film Eyes Wide Shut

    Every time I saw this film again, it grew. The dialogues of Kidman's and Cruise's character's are essencial. And even if part of the movie is so mysterious, maybe it offers some thruth about relationships. Or makes some interesting questions. What is a good partner? And is the adventurous part of sex something to be given up in a long term relationship? Why do we choose this person over that one? And why do we stay?

  • ramosbarajas's rating of the film Eyes Wide Shut

    I liked it. I haven't seen many Kubrick films, so I don't know how it ranks. The way it was shot was very theatrical. Like the lighting it adds a lot, especially the blue exteriors. I will always remember that. But what leaves me wanting more is the story. Not too sure what I think of it, but I know it warrants a second viewing, like all his films. Kidman is great. A good omen for the decade she was going to have.

  • Christopher M. Jones's rating of the film Eyes Wide Shut

    This movie sucked, but it sucked in the kind of way that makes you want to go out and create something really good, like if you could harness the same sort of magnetism you’d be able to craft something absolutely mind-blowing. So to that extent I’m not sorry I watched it.

  • Maximilian XXI's rating of the film Eyes Wide Shut

    This didn't feel like a 160 minute film - Kubrick's element of dream vs. reality really adds a flow to the progression of the story, which makes this theme come to life. The central relationship is developed masterfully with incredible depth, and Cruise provides an interesting performance. I'm glad Kubrick's last film was among his true masterpieces. 5/5.

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