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1.392 Rating

Funny Ha Ha

Disutradarai oleh Andrew Bujalski
Amerika Serikat, 2002
Komedi, Romansa, Drama


When you graduate college you easily sashay into the world of adulthood, start a career, and get serious, right? Wrong. Marnie has left college, but not her drinking habits and her bad taste in bad men. It would be sad if it weren’t so funny.

Funny Ha Ha Disutradarai oleh Andrew Bujalski

Penghargaan & Festival

Independent Spirit Awards

2004 | 1 Pemenang: Someone to Watch Award

Village Voice Film Poll

2005 | 1 Pemenang ke-2: Best First Feature

National Society of Film Critics Awards

2006 | 1 Pemenang ke-3: Best Actress

The film perfectly captures the uniquely soul-crushing experience of office temping, and Bujalski proves a magnetic screen presence as Marnie’s endearingly awkward colleague and admirer Mitchell. Showing utter disregard for movie dialogue conventions, the characters self-consciously stutter their way through everyday encounters, desperate to avoid offending one another, yet lacking the poise and social skills to successfully mask their true fears and desires.
August 10, 2015
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Bujalski’s a director of the face and, above all, the voice (he’s stated in interviews that he comes up with ideas for recording the sound before he comes up with images); you can’t imagine him filming just a hand, or a figure from behind. It’s a simple and a complex approach.
October 02, 2009
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A movie full of goofy-cute people conducting profoundly casual and casually profound conversations littered with dangling sentences and pockets of dead air, it’s seemingly designed to elicit a collective c’est moi from twentysomething hipster enclaves across the country. But Bujalski doesn’t just reproduce the halting, roundabout patterns of actual talk—he has a keen ear for the defensive and passive-aggressive uses of inarticulate speech.
April 19, 2005
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