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1.778 Rating


Disutradarai oleh Charles Vidor
Amerika Serikat, 1946
Drama, Film noir


The sinister boss of a South American casino finds that his right-hand man Johnny (Glenn Ford) and his sensuous new wife Gilda (Rita Hayworth) have a past in this quintessential 40s film noir.

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Gilda Disutradarai oleh Charles Vidor
Gilda is not meant to be clear. It is meant to plunge the audience into an atmosphere so emotionally claustrophobic that even Johnny’s voice-over can’t provide escape or enlightenment… [The ending] leaves an uneasy impression, similar to the final scene in Notorious. In neither ending does it feel like “love has triumphed.” It’s more like a criminal getaway. That confusion, so rich, so tormented, so surreal and true, is a huge part of Gilda’s fascination, its enduring draw.
January 21, 2016
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The characters are certainly sadomasochistic (“Hate is a very exciting emotion,” says Ballin), but the film suggests that audiences, too, must share in similar sources of conflicting desires given that no audience member can actually possess Gilda either.. Gilda is best appreciated as an intelligent back and forth on the fantasy of possessing another.
January 20, 2016
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Part of Gilda’s fascination is the way that it complicates the idea of the femme fatale… Gilda’s director, Charles Vidor, isn’t generally considered much of a stylist, but the way he shoots this creepy exchange, which begins as a close-up of Gilda on the left side of the frame and then shifts to place her horizontally on the right side, with Ballin out of focus in the foreground as he speaks, is extraordinary in the way that it visually mirrors the viewer’s shifting loyalty.
January 16, 2016
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  • LASHLEY's rating of the film Gilda

    The truth of old fashioned ownership of women and the destruction it causes. Desperate Gilda is constantly mistrusted and accused despite her innocent obsession and love.

  • Jason's rating of the film Gilda

    A blisteringly subversive mesmerizer. The psychosexual business on display here is sordid and true. Nobody is in love (and look at that ending carefully please). There is sexual desire, fear, resentment, power, and cruelty. The writing in the first half is as brilliant as anything Hollywood put out in the 40s. The best screenplays of the Hays Code days excelled at saying things without saying them. Unhinged gold.

  • McKittrick's rating of the film Gilda

    Probably my absolute favourite Queer classic. Wonderful George Macready at his most sinister and insinuating, Glenn Ford at his most boyishly handsome and Rita Hayworth burning up the celluloid in her most glamorous (and filthiest!) role. It does lose some of it's vitality when Macready disappears from the proceedings - and, inevitably, it's gay subtext dims a little, but this is only a minor flaw to be endured.

  • Wee Hunk's rating of the film Gilda

    Has there ever been an entrance like Rita Hayworth's in this movie? Flipping her hair back like that! It's just not fair. That's love at first sight. Of course she's always being mistreated and slapped around, but at least she knocked out a couple of Glenn Ford's teeth!

  • Duncan Gray's rating of the film Gilda

    An ace noir psychodrama loaded with sexual and political meanings, as manly-man machismo encounters unrestrained female sexuality and loses quickly. In the end, we're fed a story that Rita was never really wild, it was all just an act. A compromise to the censors? Maybe. I like to think she's just telling Glenn Ford (and every man) what he wants to hear. It's the only way a battle of the sexes can end amicably.

  • smndvdcl's rating of the film Gilda

    When it came to star persona, Hayworth was unstoppable - with the intellectual pluck of K. Hepburn and the magnetic charisma of Monroe, she was one of the leading lights of the Studio System era. 'Gilda' was a seemingly conventional Hollywood-devised tale with wonderfully progressive feminist undertones. Vidor's best film by a mile - 3.5

  • Catarina C Gomes's rating of the film Gilda

    Rita is delicious to watch. Her magnetism and expressiveness gave to Gilda a identity of her own, the strong, beautiful and untamed woman, and makes it impossible to imagine anyone else playing her. The dance scene at the end proofs that being sexy is possible without taking your clothes off. Great songs. Great movie.

  • Sudipto Basu's rating of the film Gilda

    I love this. Many classic noirs treat women as cold agents of ruin. Here, Gilda is a sensitive, independent woman who inhabits a world of cruel men. Right up until the imposed happy ending, this is a great feminist film. I can of course sing songs about how wonderful Rita and Rudolph Mate's cinematography are.

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