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Gold Dust Gertie

Disutradarai oleh Lloyd Bacon
Amerika Serikat, 1931
Komedi, Musikal


A gold digger goes after money from her ex-husbands, swimsuit salesmen now married to twins.

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Gold Dust Gertie Disutradarai oleh Lloyd Bacon

Ulasan Kritikus

My favorite gag in Gold Dust Gertie, also directed by the industrious Lloyd Bacon, is a moment of bedroom farce. At one point the president invites Lightner, Olsen, and Johnson onto his ship. He has already declared his love for Lightner, unaware that she has already married and divorced every guest on his yacht… It is a perfectly tuned and timed bit of humiliation, and one of her multiple triumphs of male manipulation.
February 02, 2016
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