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991 Rating


Disutradarai oleh Martin Campbell
Amerika Serikat, Inggris, 1995
Laga, Thriller


When a mysterious Cossack crime lord gains control of a powerful satellite laser weapon, James Bond is sent to Russia to stop him… at all costs.

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GoldenEye Disutradarai oleh Martin Campbell

Penghargaan & Festival

BAFTA Awards

1996 | 2 nominasi: Best Achievement in Special Effects

Ulasan Kritikus

GoldenEye" is often a weird muddle: we still haven’t figured out why Minnie Driver shows up singing in a Russian club wearing a cowboy hat. But it is very energetic, globe-trotting, action-packed, and all that. And Famke Janssen is both sufficiently beautiful and a good enough actress to make her ridiculously named femme fatale Xenia Onatopp (because she likes to strangle dudes with her thighs while she’s on-a-top of them, get it?) almost credible.
October 01, 2012
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