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Human Capital

Il capitale umano

Disutradarai oleh Paolo Virzì
Italia, Prancis, 2013


A cyclist is hit and killed by a speeding car one dark winter’s night. The car belongs to Massimiliano, son of the rich finance acrobat Giovanni Bernaschi. But who was in the driver’s seat that fatal night?

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Human Capital Disutradarai oleh Paolo Virzì

Penghargaan & Festival

European Film Awards

2014 | 2 nominasi: European Director

Tribeca Film Festival

2014 | 1 Pemenang: Best Actress (Narrative Feature)

Chicago International Film Festival

2014 | 1 Pemenang: Best Art Direction (Gold Plaque)

Italian National Syndicate of Film Journalists

2014 | 7 Pemenang: Guglielmo Biraghi Award

2014 | 2 nominasi: Best Actress

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