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Disutradarai oleh Bruno Dumont
Prancis, 1999
Kriminal, Drama, Misteri


When a young girl is brutally raped and murdered in a quiet French village, a police detective starts investigating the crime, which turns the whole community upside-down. The detective, a humble man burdened with the wrongdoing of others, slowly divulges his despair and the dread of his own guilt.

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Humanité Disutradarai oleh Bruno Dumont

Ulasan Kritikus

By embracing the poetry in the wrong move, Dumont made L’humanité, a film important not only because it is an unflinching, profoundly singular exploration of sex, death, guilt, and compassion but also because it released Dumont’s cinema from what naturalism there was in La vie de Jésus and set the tone for one of the great bodies of work in contemporary film.
June 18, 2019
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As a mannerist portrait of a few individuals, it’s often amazing; as a spiritual statement about suffering in the contemporary world, it almost lives up to its title; for its blunt depictions of sex, it’s about as carnal in an unvarnished way as filmmaking can get; and as a visual rendering of an area of northern France, it’s pretty impressive. But as a police procedural, it’s unsatisfying, far from being worked out in all its details.
June 23, 2000
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  • Oneb's rating of the film Humanité

    Perhaps this asks questions of the viewer's relationship to the provinces and the working classes; the muted members of society. The quietude is explosive, giving all possibilities but choosing only one - this conversly makes the simple lives more mysterious, profound. Does the film emerge coherently from Courbet's "L'Origine du monde", Duchamp's "Étant donnés"?

  • msmichel's rating of the film Humanité

    Essential cinema. Dumont's second feature was a 3 time award winner at Cannes including the Grand Prix and two acting awards for its non-professional leads Emmanuel Schotte (who to date has never acted again) and Severine Caneele. Scripting was excellent with an understory of a child's murder being supplanted within the lives of a triangle of damaged people. Miserable, sexually frank and disturbing but mesmerizing.

  • Shawn golby's rating of the film Humanité

    I found the movie to be captivating,ive never seen a film that forces the viewer to slow down and watch lifes intricacies ,I found it a refreshing change from the big Hollywood films that force you to speed up. I also applaud the male and female leads on sterling performances.

  • redux's rating of the film Humanité

    Ill-fitting premises limping along beautifully, to arrive to something not realistic but real.

  • oldblackdawning's rating of the film Humanité

    I think this film is simply flawless.

  • Z's rating of the film Humanité

    So disturbing that I had to watch it in several sittings, digesting bitter little morsels. Not a film to watch so much as a film to study from a paranoid, disgusted distance. Emmanuel Schotte is a brilliant, natural actor. Schotte has several breakdown scenes in this movie that are painfully intimate and well observed, as if through a microscope. Crafted with glaring anger and searing perversity of upsetting intent.

  • dionysus67's rating of the film Humanité

    Dostoevskyan to the core and within the Bresson-Clouzot-Guitry problematic about the nascent evil in the 'idyllic' French province, this is a brilliant and magnanimous gift to the senses, the intellect and the soul of the viewer. Schotté's somnambulistic superintendent along with an exquisite cast is placed on a canvas of naturalistic ethics of care against the 'Grand Inquisitor' in us. An extraordinary film!

  • Jason's rating of the film Humanité

    What I think first drew me to the early Dumonts was a combination of the flagrantly picturesque and fantastically grotesque married to epic miserablism. Miserablism? Clearly I had not adequately allowed these movies to teach me how to watch them. In the wake of a couple Dumont comedies, I now see that 'touched' non-actor Emmanuel Schotté is equal parts Buster Keaton and Andy Kaufman, and the curious core of HUMANITÉ.

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