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6.808 Rating

Inland Empire

Disutradarai oleh David Lynch
Amerika Serikat, Polandia, 2006
Drama, Misteri, Avant-Garde


An actress’s imagination begins to run amok within her reality when she begins to adopt the persona of a character she is playing. Things become nightmarish when she realises the original film production was abandoned after the two leads were murdered.

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Inland Empire Disutradarai oleh David Lynch

Penghargaan & Festival

Venice Film Festival

2006 | 1 Pemenang: Future Film Festival Digital Award

Village Voice Film Poll

2006 | 1 Pemenang ke-2: Best Actress

Indiewire Critics' Poll

2006 | 1 Pemenang ke-2: Best Director

2006 | 1 Pemenang ke-3: Best Lead Performance

2006 | 1 nominasi: Best Film

The spare wide shots are exactly that, filmed and edited with an exciting, gleeful indifference. On the other hand, its barrage of close-ups that make up the body of the film proper, as expressive and incorporeal as Dreyer’s in The Passion of Joan of Arc or Wiseman’s in The Last Letter, strip INLAND EMPIRE of signifiers. The close-ups move closer to faces than almost ever before, and their DV blurriness creates its own effect.
December 22, 2015
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An experience of total immersion and continual slippage, it feels like the product of a sustained, unedited brainstorming.
November 03, 2015
David Lynch’s first digital video, almost three hours long, resists synopsizing more than anything else he’s done. Some viewers have complained, understandably, that it’s incomprehensible, but it’s never boring, and the emotions Lynch is expressing are never in doubt.
January 25, 2007
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