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  1. Gala's rating of the film La jetée

  2. Jaskirat Singh's rating of the film La jetée

    Saw it in film school. Twice. It just leaves you awestruck everytime. Unlike anything you usually see

  3. Adam GR's rating of the film La jetée

    I wondered why he decided to tell the story in still photography, and then that sleeping scene where she awakes seemed UNREAL. A touchstone for apocalyptic visions to come (I see much fodder for Snowpiercer now). A puzzling, Twilight Zone-esque elegy for identity, legacy, and love. The German doctors provided some unwillingly comforting ASMR whispers.

  4. Jason's rating of the film La jetée

    Oh, look! A photo-roman about the coexistence of the three dimensions of time within the event itself! And six years before DIFFERENCE AND REPETITION! Deleuze in said text looks back explicitly to the poet Charles Péguy, clearly a precursor for LA JETÉE, and the idea of a "presentiment" wherein the flow of time is precipitated by "the introduction of a fragment of some future event."

  5. josé luis rangel's rating of the film La jetée

  6. HenriqueA's rating of the film La jetée

    I'll give all the contents of my wallet if you have anything new to say about it. It's just a fucking massive classic.

  7. V.S. Luoma-aho's rating of the film La jetée

    Stories like this are a dime a dozen today. So the problem for me, cinematically and apart from the historical value: it's mostly a story, i.e. literature read aloud. The fun to be had is on a meta level: like the protagonist, we pine for sentimental, black & white nostalgia of the past, when we should go forward and leave the whole debacle of the spectacle behind us. But instead we choose the past. Instead we die.

  8. lbunuel's rating of the film La jetée

    Chris Marker's films are an art form of their own.

  9. Henry12345's rating of the film La jetée

  10. whimisical melancholy's rating of the film La jetée

    A good way of storytelling. I wonder how different the experience would be if Marker made this movie with moving images. // 3.5

  11. riddhi2345678's rating of the film La jetée

    First time watching Chris Marker and OH MY GAWDDD!!

  12. bucharestaesthetics's rating of the film La jetée

  13. grassybrownie's rating of the film La jetée

    Perhaps I had too much expectation for someone who adores cat. If this thing is called art, then I really lose all hopes for the artistic world.

  14. Ameille's rating of the film La jetée

  15. _shalashaska_'s rating of the film La jetée

  16. Louis Robert's rating of the film La jetée

    The short format and the photographs really makes it a unique thing!

  17. jewelsofglory's rating of the film La jetée

    The best science fiction film I’ve seen. A forcefully constructed reality through dreams. Love is a masquerade for scientific research and procreation. Still images seamlessly create dreams, desire and memory.

  18. film_frame's rating of the film La jetée

    Proves film can transcend whatever visual obstacle impedes her. Marker can do no wrong. I'll take your Space odyssey and raise you a experimental short masterpiece of metaphysical proportions.

  19. DenoResandono's rating of the film La jetée

    LA JETÉE is one of my favorite short movie. What director Chris Marker did in this movie is a revolutionary work to change the face of world cinema forever. Almost the entire movie using a still photo. But it's still intriguing and entertaining. Well, I know - LA JETÉE using a still photo. But somehow, at some point - the picture feels like it's moving. That's the magical thing of this movie. It's a great experience!

  20. Arandhitio Ballagi's rating of the film La jetée

    sy suka ini. keren boi. bertutur dengan foto. coba deh nonton, poetic af

  21. Aulia Indry's rating of the film La jetée

    It's only once I watch it but it must be repeated or even paused so I can think what it means

  22. catarinaafreitas's rating of the film La jetée

  23. SpacePirate's rating of the film La jetée

    An utterly unique film that is unlike anything else you will ever see. This makes it great, but also bittersweet since it is so short. Its experimental, moving, really everything about cinema most here love. Still feels fresh today over 50 yrs later. If you havent please do yourself a favor and check it out asap. A turning point in cinema imo. 5 easy stars. Completely essential.

  24. dionysus67's rating of the film La jetée

    Marker's lilliputean masterpiece captures in stills the very cinematographic logic and weaves together with admirable ingenuity a sci fi thriler to a political diatribe, the latter with, albeit oblique, visual references to the victims of French torture during the Algerian war of independence. Simultaneously, it is replete with angst in the nuclear era. A masterpiece of original storytelling with a chilling gaze...

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