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La libertad

Disutradarai oleh Lisandro Alonso
Argentina, 2001


Pure, minimalist film in documentary style by the talented Lisandro Alonso. A day in the life of a simple Argentine woodcutter on the pampas.

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La libertad Disutradarai oleh Lisandro Alonso

Ulasan Kritikus

The big lie is that this is “minimalism.” (The same way we hear Apichatpong Weerasethakul described as “minimalist.”) No–this is maximalism, a cinema containing everything needed for its own value and purpose, and that has the effect of growing in the mind, either as the viewer recalls it, or sees it again.
March 09, 2008
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The film raises a structural question that may be unanswerable (but remains fascinating): if you start off with a quick pre-credits shot… followed by such a significant title (meaning “Liberty”), then end the film by returning to that pre-credits shot, is the cyclical structure merely a reconfirmation of “La Libertad”, the film merely an explication… or is it a questioning of that lifestyle, inviting us to view it in a different way based on what we’ve seen in the interim?
October 01, 2001
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Alonso’s use of silence is remarkably contemplative while his use of light and shadow serves to compliment the woodcutter’s serene relationship to nature. Lightning strikes as the woodcutter munches on an armadillo, staring directly at us as if daring us to question or challenge the integrity of his way of life.
October 01, 2001
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