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25 Rating

La Recta Provincia

Disutradarai oleh Raúl Ruiz
Cile, 2007
Avant-Garde, Drama, Serial Mini TV


An ode to Chilean rural myth and storytelling. A poor mother and her simple son find a musical human bone. And then things take a turn for the oneiric.

La Recta Provincia Disutradarai oleh Raúl Ruiz

Ulasan Kritikus

I don’t understand it, but now I guess I know it. This could be the best example of what Ruiz expects from his explorations in storytelling, framing and universal folklore. Storytelling made for the transmission of knowledge, from one generation to another. Storytelling made for exploring deep down inside ourselves. Storytelling made to discover what cannot be said or shown by itself, something mysteriously hidden.
September 01, 2007
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