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5.034 Rating

Lady Vengeance

Chinjeolhan Geumjassi | 친절한 금자씨

Disutradarai oleh Park Chan-wook
Korea Selatan, 2005
Drama, Thriller, Kriminal


After being wrongfully convicted, a woman is imprisoned for 13 years and forced to give up her daughter. While in prison she gains the respect of her cellmates and plots her revenge on the man responsible. Once released, she begins her elaborate plan of retribution, but discovers a horrifying truth.

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South Korea’s Park Chan-wook ended his “Vengeance Trilogy” in style (and to great blockbuster success) with this characteristically twisted, baroque thriller, whose Lee Young-ae will forever haunt our dreams. A beautiful trip to the dark side, and the end of the series’ rocky road towards salvation.

Lady Vengeance Disutradarai oleh Park Chan-wook
Lady Vengeance is Park’s most sullen and patient film, and yet it’s breathless pop filmmaking, narratively mercurial, viscerally traumatic, and thematically infernal.
April 25, 2006
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Park goes to discomfitingly bloody extremes once the gloves come off, and the result is viscerally disturbing, yet riveting.
April 25, 2006
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Like a fairy tale with fangs, Sympathy for Lady Vengeance promises pleasurable escapism, but ensnares its audience in a thorny line of questioning. Sympathetic it may be, but its pretty veneer masks a dark center.
January 01, 2005
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  • Joe Pryweller's rating of the film Lady Vengeance

    You can disagree with the revenge motif or be unsettled by the theme, but this movie is a flat-out masterpiece. The most spiritually transcending of Chan-wook's trilogy and most poetic in construction, this may be my favorite Korean film of all time (and that says a lot). Amazing imagery, fantastic editing, perfect sound editing and a look into the soul of humanity make this a stunning film experience.

  • Victor Emiliano Martinez's rating of the film Lady Vengeance

    La pelicula presenta colores puros y en tono grisaseo que conforme avanza el filme los colores como el negro, blanco y rojo sangre se van mostrando mas profundo. En los planos hubo muchísimos de todo tipo pero los mas destacados fueron el primerísimo primer plano, primer plano, plano americano y plano general, picado y contrapicado hubo varios movimientos de cámara en dolly, zoom y gruas, de ambiente obscuro violento

  • Tigrão's rating of the film Lady Vengeance

    As many of the new Korean wave films, Lady Vengeance follows a puzzled structure, based more on memories and senses than a traditional western plot. The present, past and future is mixed into a fascinating maelstrom of poetry, gruesome violence and surreal images. Intriguing but beautiful and hardly forgettable.

  • Alvi Ifthikhar's rating of the film Lady Vengeance

    A very deep and beautiful solemn hymn dedicated for a passionate vengeance. This film offers sweetness and pure beauty and at the same time also give you a disturbing chill. It's amazing how an emotional,dreamy and beautiful start could turn into an emotionless freak show only a total sick bastard like Park Chan Wook could think of, without losing one keyword that stays strong until the end ; Elegance

  • suspiria's rating of the film Lady Vengeance

    No one agrees with me...but I believe this to be the best of the trilogy.

  • Rashed's rating of the film Lady Vengeance

    A darkly comic yet stunningly poignant symphony of blood, sin and snow, with breathtaking use of colour and style. It's hard to pin down, but there's something emotionally satisfying about the whole of the vengeance trilogy, and with Lady Vengeance, a catharsis is obtained by the way of something Chan Wook Park doesn't deal with too often; redemption. A sadist's utopia, a really gorgeous one too. Geum-ja <33333

  • Michael H. CLAES's rating of the film Lady Vengeance

    LADY's VENGEANCE, SPECTATOR's PUNISHMENT. Aesthetics to lyricism, delirious grandiloquence. Good moments of dark humor, but also long moments of boredom. Too complicated, redundant & repetitive too stay hooked === L'esthétique jusqu'au lyrisme, la grandiloquence délirante, je veux bien, mais faire si compliqué finit par être agaçant. Des moments d'humour macabre certes, mais de longs moments d'ennui mortel aussi.

  • Palmat's rating of the film Lady Vengeance

    A great close to his trilogy where many of the tones, moods and thematic preoccupations of SFMV and OB come together beautifully. It is great to see that the movie still it is very much its own entity and I certainly enjoyed that this revenge movie ended up redemptive instead of destructive. The acting, production design and direction is beyond compare.

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