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10.587 Rating

Lost Highway

Disutradarai oleh David Lynch
Amerika Serikat, Prancis, 1997
Thriller, Misteri, Avant-Garde


Seorang musisi jazz tersiksa dengan kenyataan bahwa istrinya selingkuh. Ia dijebak telah membunuh istrinya. Sementara itu, di sebuah kisah yang paralel, seorang montir muda tertipu oleh seorang wanita yang selingkuh dari pacar mafianya. Namun, takdir yang misterius menghubungkan kedua kisah ini.

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Lost Highway Disutradarai oleh David Lynch
With its lack of deep focus and threateningly ambient sound design, Lost Highway is a defiantly oneiric work, albeit one that attempts to reconcile these abstractions with the legacy of the most idiosyncratic of noir, actively referencing oddities like Kiss Me Deadly and Angel Face to comprise its decidedly singular tone.
December 16, 2015
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[The way station] is neither heaven nor hell, and maybe not even purgatory: Lynch is showing us a dream realm that at times looks like just another Los Angeles noir story, but pushes on into the larger Mysteries, and we keep driving on into them, swallowed up by the bloody path.
July 26, 2013
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David Lynch loves to play in the dark. His longtime cinematographer Frederick Elmes once remarked that “with David, my job is to determine how dark we’re talking about.” There’s sort-of-dark, and really-dark, and pitch-black-dark; all of these kinds and more are put to gripping use in LOST HIGHWAY… To ignore LOST HIGHWAY is to discount some of Lynch’s most indelible moments.
July 23, 2010
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