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1.180 Rating

Lost in La Mancha

Disutradarai oleh Keith Fulton, Louis Pepe
Inggris, Amerika Serikat, 2002


A documentary that details and depicts the pre-production and the first six days of production of acclaimed director Terry Gilliam’s ill-fated attempt to film The Man Who Killed Don Quixote in late 2000. Piece by piece, the entire production ended up falling apart.

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Lost in La Mancha Disutradarai oleh Keith Fulton, Louis Pepe

Ulasan Kritikus

Fulton and Pepe are clearly fans and friends, so Lost In La Mancha never goes for the jugular; the repeated equation of Gilliam with Don Quixote himself, tilting furiously at corporate windmills, is born entirely of admiration, not scorn. But given everything the man has been through over the years (see also: Brazil), a fawning tribute to his stoic endurance feels altogether apt.
March 27, 2013
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It’s just as compelling a shadow adaptation of its source as Burden Of Dreams or Hearts Of Darkness—especially in its suggestion that the only proper way to make a Don Quixote film is to charge headlong into windmills.
January 31, 2003
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