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Disutradarai oleh Miao Wang
Cina, Amerika Serikat, 2017


Stella and Harry are affluent, cosmopolitan teenagers who are part of the enormous wave of “parachute students” from Mainland China enrolling in U.S. private schools. Shot over three years in China and the US, Maineland follows the two as they settle into a boarding school in Maine.

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Maineland Disutradarai oleh Miao Wang

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  • thelastronaut's rating of the film Maineland

    Started strong, exploring why an economically ascendant China desires to send their kids to America for education and why a dying boarding school culture in America is more than happy to receive them. Fizzles a bit once the kids arrive in the US. Would have been better to delve deeper into their thoughts of America and Americans as well as their classmates' views of the kids.

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