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Disutradarai oleh Alain Resnais
Prancis, 1986
Drama, Romansa


In Paris in the 1920s, a concert violinist meets and falls in love with a stylish young flapper who’s the wife of an old friend.

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Mélo Disutradarai oleh Alain Resnais

Ulasan Kritikus

To call [Mélo] an adaptation wouldn’t be quite right—there’s no attempt to “open up” the text, to disguise its stage origins, to avoid that short-sighted epithet “a filmed play.” Instead, it’s a quiet, demonstrative polemic—an act of laconic tribute… that forces us to contemplate the aesthetic integrity of the original object. What emerges from Resnais’ formalism is nothing less than an apologia for melodrama itself—a shifting, multi-faceted machine of empathy and pain.
April 25, 2014
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The exquisite art of MÉLO, like the art of Alain Resnais in general, bears a certain resemblance to sculpture: it needs to be seen from several different vantage points if one is to fully appreciate its shapeliness and the powerful multiplicity of its meanings. The following selection of vantage points can’t pretend to be exhaustive; at best, it presents only a few starting points for sounding the bottomless depths of this deceptively simple movie.
April 15, 1988
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