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53 Rating

Other Men's Women

Disutradarai oleh William A. Wellman
Amerika Serikat, 1931
Drama, Romansa


Railroad fireman Bill White is a carefree ladies’ man with an irresponsible streak. His buddy Jack Kulper, an engineer, is more solid and reliable. Bill comes to stay a while with Jack and his wife Lily. Bill and Lily fall in love, but not wishing to hurt Jack, Bill leaves without explanation.

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Other Men's Women Disutradarai oleh William A. Wellman

Ulasan Kritikus

It may not be the best of the five features Wellman directed in 1931—that would be either THE PUBLIC ENEMY or NIGHT NURSE—but it’s still a grand, highly flavorful entertainment, with performances that convey an ingratiating blue-collar bravado and a memorable climax set during, yes, a torrential rainstorm.
September 21, 2018
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…Other Men’s Women is full of the immediacy of experience, as Wellman frequently shifts the tone of the picture at will and highlights the physical… The constantly evolving expression on Blondell’s face, from pure joy to pure despair, in a scene where she and Withers drunkenly discuss their future, is reason enough to watch Other Men’s Women over and over again.
July 01, 2014
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Possibly the loosest, slangiest film ever written by a woman named Maude – though a woman’s touch may also explain the clear-eyed take on the unfaithful wife, and the extraordinary moment when, at her instinctive instigation, a kiss on the lips suddenly transforms playful flirting into something real.
May 01, 2013
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