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Bertrand Mandico's Cinema
340 Rating

Our Lady of Hormones

Notre-Dame des Hormones

Disutradarai oleh Bertrand Mandico
Prancis, 2014
Avant-Garde, Singkat, Fantasi
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Bertrand Mandico's Cinema


Our Lady of Hormones goes into the surreal and fantastic realm of two actresses lost in a magical land where a strange, ugly object of pleasure rules.

Pendapat kami

Along with his usual colours and squishy, fleshy textures, this lengthier narrative short in our Bertrand Mandico retrospective plays out like The Wizard of Oz reinterpreted by Argento. The film follows two women who bond with a strange phallic thingy covered in hair and saliva…

Our Lady of Hormones Disutradarai oleh Bertrand Mandico

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