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  1. Aulia Indry's rating of the film Climax

    Everyone gets high and feel sick, then they get climax after that, likewise the audiances feels too. I feel dizzy and I want to throw up right now. There is a plot twist that makes you dizzy and confious to tell who she is.

  2. ΞRIC B∆Ɖ TASTΞ's rating of the film Climax

    dumb discussions, similar/boring dance-sessions & luckily some craziness... but also kinda annoying with all the screaming. and i would expect more paranoia, if you are on such a trip - instead of so much agression. and finally, very annoying cam-moving on the end... doesn't make any sense.

  3. Thea Puscaru's rating of the film Climax

  4. lostlevel's rating of the film Climax

    Suspiria really would have benefited from some of this relentlessness in the latter half. This is pretty interesting and intense not Noe’s finest but pretty good. Perhaps when teachers warn about the dangers of drugs at school they should show this.

  5. Stephane Tanaka's rating of the film Climax

  6. nur's rating of the film Climax

    renk kullanımları vesaire güzeldi ama bu filmi izleyeceğinize lunaparka da gidebilirsiniz. teknolojinin sinemayı robotlaştırdığına ve haliyle izleyenini robot hislere gebe bıraktığına inanıyorum. ilkelliğini yitiren her şey vasatlaşıyor

  7. zang1ef's rating of the film Climax

    Pure cinema, more breathtaking in it's craft than anything I've seen in recent memory. Also made me want to rewatch 'Possession' v badly.

  8. alai.vargas's rating of the film Climax

    Trippy as all the cinematography of Gaspar Noé and the scenes with the camera are stunningly visual and provocative

  9. †. Kennedy Pope's rating of the film Climax

    I sort of took away from this that the idea of hell is merely the incessant pain of life and all of the seemingly "desirable" things it has to offer. All the conversations the dancers have about their urges and struggles manifest themselves in each of their respective trips. Benoit Debie nails the cinematography as usual. Great installment in the Noé filmography.

  10. mursal's rating of the film Climax

  11. Leonardo Malaguti's rating of the film Climax

  12. SonOfRambow's rating of the film Climax

    Exhilarating! The editing and music is out of this world. It's such a unique experience and it made me and my friend feel drunk when walking out the cinema. Don't club, watch Climax.

  13. vegeta85's rating of the film Climax

  14. Adam Whybray's rating of the film Climax

    Gaspar Noé really isn't a director who should leave you shrugging your shoulders, but if you're going to explicitly draw comparisons between the film to come and 'Possession' things better be going to get seriously, shatteringly unhinged. Which isn't to say I wanted or desire more vile behaviour (there's child death, rape, incest etc. etc.) but for the movie to be a whole lot stranger. Plus, Soft Cell? C'mon.

  15. Pedro Soares's rating of the film Climax

    stunningly visual, provocative but not gratuitous, this experience lasts for days after watching. i loved how most of the cast are not actors and they ended up deciding what their characters were, how they would react to the drugs, who would they mingle with.

  16. Ting Pan's rating of the film Climax

    mais franchement faut pas se forcer si on n'a vraiment rien à filmer :)

  17. Tijuana Picnic's rating of the film Climax

  18. MATTEO BITTANTI's rating of the film Climax

    [indistinct shouting][grunting][woman screaming][moaning][gasping][sobbing][indistinct shouting][coughing][puking sounds][man crying][all laughing maniacally][music continues][dip to white] It's French extreme horror, baby. Slick madness. Deranged characters. Killer soundtrack. Watch and learn.

  19. Gamze's rating of the film Climax

  20. bulgrin's rating of the film Climax

    Another spectacular film of the great transgressive visionaire. Some of the most fantastic dance scenes to be ending up in a horrific drug induced trip. The title says it all.

  21. HKFanatic's rating of the film Climax

    Disco Inferno. On one hand, there's the sense that "Climax" might be the slightest and most commercial film Gaspar Noé has ever made. On the other, it's such an effective cinematic rendering of hell I'm not sure that really matters. If last year's "Suspiria" left you craving a psychedelic horror movie where the dance choreography wasn't chopped up in the editing room, Noé has you covered with ample long takes.

  22. Ariana Simões's rating of the film Climax

    Another Noé's movie who made me straight up tense, from almost the beginning to the end. Really liked the dance moments and how that suddenly turned into a giant chaos. A big props for once again, the skill of making the viewer feel the panic and intensity with the messed up frames and genuine dialogues.

  23. diogo.dsantos's rating of the film Climax

  24. Mario Del Vecchio's rating of the film Climax

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