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1.086 Rating


Disutradarai oleh Gus Van Sant
Amerika Serikat, 1998
Horor, Thriller


A remake of the 1960 film directed by Alfred Hitchcock. Although this version is in color, features a different cast, and has been set in a contemporary timeframe, it is closer to a shot-for-shot remake than most remakes, often copying Hitchcock’s camera movements and editing.

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Psycho Disutradarai oleh Gus Van Sant

Ulasan Kritikus

If Van Sant’s certified copy has a point, it’s rooted in a theory of dissonance—playing the notes a bit off-key to see if they still carry a tune. They don’t, but that’s not a totally bad thing. It all amounts to an interestingly glitchy, self-consciously millennial experiment in auteurist homage.
July 13, 2018
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