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16 Rating

Pure Blood

Pura sangre

Disutradarai oleh Luis Ospina
Kolombia, 1982
Horor, Kriminal


Roberto Hurtado is suffering from a rare disease requiring massive blood transfusions in children or adolescents. He blackmails three employees to get blood and they will resort to unscrupulous methods to get it. In night raids trap their victims and subjected to sexual perversions before killing.

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Pure Blood Disutradarai oleh Luis Ospina

Ulasan Kritikus

As police try to track down a serial killer they dub “the monster of the valley,” an unexpected televised confession plays as a bone-chilling puncture of reality into fiction, making Pure Blood as much a documentary as any film at Doclisboa.
November 13, 2018
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  • josé neves's rating of the film Pure Blood

    DCP. Doc LIsboa # 3. Very interesting political variation on the power of representation by cinema (of capitalism domination), where the vampire metaphor is linked in an inherent breathing with the modes of government of a society, passing by the memory of cinematographic genres and of how they constitute the basis of an act of living/filming.

  • Samuel T.'s rating of the film Pure Blood

    A most horrific satire wherein, shrouded in blackmail, a trio of killers pursue their daily activities with the same level of casualness as rape and murder.

  • saitosouta's rating of the film Pure Blood

    4.5 Wow, this is an absolute Z-grade masterpiece I long for all the time. Its direction is so shitty as if a hungover dumbhead made it and its script is so predictable that it can't go beyond audience's expectation. Nonetheless, these clumsy defects sublimate this movie into a sinisterly spooky, asphyxiatingly immoral poison which makes you vomit like a convulsed pelican. This is a magnificent Latino trash.

  • CarlosEsquives's rating of the film Pure Blood

    Una viñeta social sobre vampiros contemporáneos. Ospina hace un filme sobre chupasangres de la Colombia de entonces. Son los pequeños obreros, cazadores de sangre, sanguijuelas perversas, trabajando para uno más perverso, un padre e hijo que representan al gamonalismo (esclavista) que ha comenzado sus primeros roces con otro negocio más sórdido. En paralelo, retratos también perversos como lo sexual o el amarillismo.

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