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1.842 Rating

Radio Days

Disutradarai oleh Woody Allen
Amerika Serikat, 1987


A nostalgic look at radio’s golden age focusing on one ordinary family and the various performers in the medium.

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Radio Days Disutradarai oleh Woody Allen

Penghargaan & Festival

Academy Awards

1988 | 2 nominasi: Best Writing, Screenplay Written Directly for the Screen

Ulasan Kritikus

Set up as a series of good-natured, up-tempo anecdotes, Radio Days is actually a richly melancholy take on the class divisions created by popular culture, showing the ways that mass entertainment can create impossible ideals and outsized romantic aspirations for its audience.
August 06, 2012
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The interesting thing about Radio Days, not one of his sturdier efforts, isn’t what it cribs from other sources – Fellini’s Amarcord for structure, early Truffaut for prepubescent voyeurism and horniess, Monty Python for a Grand Guignol baseball anecdote, Doctorow for ambience, Allen’s own The Purple Rose of Cairo for its condescending Little People theme. Much more important is what it tries for and flubs in its own right.
March 13, 1987
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