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71 Rating

Rita, Sue and Bob Too!

Disutradarai oleh Alan Clarke
Inggris, 1987
Komedi, Drama


Bob and his wife Michelle hire Sue and Rita to baby-sit in this sex comedy. Bob is distracted by the two plump teens while giving them a ride home, and soon, the three of them are having an affair.

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Rita, Sue and Bob Too! Disutradarai oleh Alan Clarke

Ulasan Kritikus

At first, I craved a bit more polish from Rita, Sue and Bob Too -conceived by another star-crossed British playwright, Andrea Dunbar-but Clarke’s feel for his brash characters and their dead-ended but still vivacious environment won me over, as did the film’s refusal to oversell its stakes or pander to prestige audiences.
May 22, 2017
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’It’s the way it was back then,’ Pollock explained, echoing the mantra of the generational difference often repeated by Operation Yew Tree apologists. Rita, Sue and Bob Too is outstanding in this very ambivalence. It accommodates a spectrum of identifications, from those who find the behaviour of Bob and men like him acceptable (we all know them) or the racism of Kevin funny (we all know them), to those who see it as a powerful reminder of the violence animating Britain’s darkest imaginings.
May 17, 2017
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Shot in and around the town of Bradford in long, loping takes, this sprightly comedy, adapted by Andrea Dunbar from her own play, has some of the energy that one associates with the better exploitation films that used to be produced by Roger Corman.
September 01, 1987
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