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87 Rating

Sleeping Dogs

Disutradarai oleh Roger Donaldson
Selandia Baru, 1977
Laga, Drama


Smith is a man on the run, running from a broken marriage. Accidentally caught between two powers – a repressive Government and a violent resistance movement – he becomes a man alone … hunted and hostile, driven by the will to survive.

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Sleeping Dogs Disutradarai oleh Roger Donaldson

Ulasan Kritikus

A better-than-average action thriller, and an all-too-familiar war picture predicated on the all-too-commercial premise of an apolitical hero gradually becoming more politically committed than anyone else in the known universe. . . . As usual, whether he’s working with good material or unredeemable treacle, Donaldson registers as a technician and metteur en scène, not an auteur.
July 02, 2018
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