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Smash Palace

Disutradarai oleh Roger Donaldson
Selandia Baru, 1981


A former race car driver (played by Bruno Lawrence) runs a car wrecking yard in an isolated area of New Zealand’s North Island. He inadvertently helps ruin his own marriage and then kidnaps his daughter (Greer Robson).

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Smash Palace Disutradarai oleh Roger Donaldson

Ulasan Kritikus

In my last column, I foolishly concluded that “whether he’s working with good material or unredeemable treacle, Donaldson registers as a technician and metteur en scène, not an auteur.” But that was before I had my first look at Smash Palace, which is clearly working with good material that is Donaldson’s own, including first-rate actors that he cast and directed himself, and is every inch an auteur film.
September 28, 2018
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