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Swimming out till the Sea Turns Blue

Yi zhi you dao hai shui bian lan | 一直游到海水变蓝 / 一个村庄的文学

Disutradarai oleh Jia Zhangke
Cina, 2020


Authors Jia Pingwa, Yu Hua and Liang Hong, who belong to three generations, describe the influence of their upbringings and later experiences on their work in a China that has been transformed by the Cultural Revolution, economic reform and modernisation.

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Swimming out till the Sea Turns Blue Disutradarai oleh Jia Zhangke

Ulasan Kritikus

Through the personal stories of these authors, their upbringings, frequently in extreme poverty, and their migratory careers, we see not only the blossoming of modern provincial literature in the country, but through them, a certain blossoming of a country itself.
February 22, 2020
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