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1.263 Rating

Sweet Bean


Disutradarai oleh Naomi Kawase
Jepang, Prancis, 2015
  • Bahasa Jepang
  • Bahasa Inggris, Bahasa Jerman


Grumpy Sentaro runs a small bakery that serves dorayaki, pastries filled with sweet red bean paste (“an”). When an old lady, Tokue, offers to help in the kitchen, he reluctantly accepts. She will soon prove to have magic in her hands. Thanks to her secret recipe, the little business flourishes.

Pendapat kami

From director Naomi Kawase comes this small but heartfelt feel-good movie, an affecting tale of friendship that deplores us to remember the simple pleasures in life. Gentle and absorbing throughout, the film features a beautifully controlled performance by the late Japanese actor Kirin Kiki.

Sweet Bean Disutradarai oleh Naomi Kawase
This maybe won’t be the film that has Kawase fast-tracked into the auteur A-leagues, but it certainly shows that she can “do” robust, conventional storytelling, and then add some late-game ingredients which serve to sweeten rather than sour the overall taste.
August 05, 2016
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Some of the most entertaining food-themed films ever made have arrived from Japan over the past 30 years. “Sweet Bean” crosses this subgenre with the old-person-imparts-wisdom-to-younger-acolyte variety, but it is not typical of either kind of movie… The movie, beautifully shot and acted, earns its ultimate sense of hope by confronting real heartbreak head-on, and with compassion.
March 17, 2016
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Just as “An” itself seems on the verge of flying away, Kawase rewards her audience with an unapologetically contrived but effectively eye-moistening surge of feeling.
May 14, 2015
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