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Peringkat & Ulasan

  1. speedball's rating of the film The Boost

    maybe just 2,5 but hey, who better than James Woods performing about Cocaine addiction?

  2. Westley's rating of the film The Boost

    Drugs are bad, mkay! But this movie is good.

  3. Danny Bailey's rating of the film The Boost

    james woods' convincing performance as a drug addict is all that is good about this lackluster picture

  4. Checkpoint Charlie's rating of the film The Boost

    Nothing like a coke-fuelled, raging James Woods to depict the horrors of addiction and the vacuum excess eventually brings those desperately flapping their failing Icarus wings to reach the sunlight of success. Although maybe not as intense as Reqiuem For a Dream twelve years later, it still serves as a great tragedy.