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  1. Juan Javier's rating of the film The Dead Nation

  2. tidal waif's rating of the film The Dead Nation

  3. ejonline's rating of the film The Dead Nation

    As always, the star system for reviews seems inappropriate. This film was thoughtful and moving - I learned a lot about the situation in Romania before, during and after WW2, and of course, made connections to the rise of modern day fascism. (Not sure we should call it a rise or modern day, since it never seems to go away). I appreciated the silences built into the movie - they provided time for reflection.

  4. internisus's rating of the film The Dead Nation

    Incredible to see photographs of families happily enjoying a holiday at the beach while a doctor's journal in voiceover testifies about their countrymen being stuffed into cattle cars, starving, suffocating, and drinking each others' urine until the survivors are imprisoned in labor camps. But, in eighty years, has much really changed?

  5. thiago's rating of the film The Dead Nation

    Amazing documentary by Radu Jude, counting in an objective way about jew persecution in Romania, during the Second World War. I guess is his first documentary, and apart his other movies might open a new perspective in his work.

  6. Armando's rating of the film The Dead Nation

    It doesn't work, the connection photos-voice-over looks arbitrary and random. The atrocities narrated are neither visualized nor alluded to through the photos. The result is a mismatch of usually uninteresting photos and disturbing narrative.

  7. Kevin Matthews's rating of the film The Dead Nation

    Photos show part of the story while narration describes a time in Romania that saw a steep increase in anti-semitism and the seeds of division and destruction that would help write a horrific chapter in the history of that country.

  8. JWaiton's rating of the film The Dead Nation

    The subtitles are all wrong. Half of what the narrator is saying is missing!

  9. Mike Dempsey's rating of the film The Dead Nation

    Truly chilling and a warning to the future, evil grows when good people stay silent.

  10. DebraM's rating of the film The Dead Nation

    I found this documentary a fascinating and most eloquent essay about WW2 Romania told through speeches, excerpts of the diaries of Emile Dorian and visually through the incredible still photographs of Costica Ascinte. It's beautiful, frightening, heartbreaking and so very timely!

  11. aurkihnowe's rating of the film The Dead Nation

    the shuffling of juxtaposition between the (mostly, seemingly) irrelevant (but gorgeous) photos, and the audio track (mostly read from the diary of a Jewish doctor as he watches his people gradually, increasingly terrorized), creates a disorienting, abrasive effect that comes off as an almost antipropaganda, or perhaps a comment on how we gloss over horrors happening around us with shiny happy things...harsh viewing:

  12. I.Camera's rating of the film The Dead Nation

    A compelling documentary on Romania's dark history, including less-reported genocides such as the Iasi and Bucharest pogroms. Found footage from a studio shows the subsequently forgotten salutes, uniforms and many bared knives of fascist supporters. These type of revelations are occurring throughout Europe, with diaries, photos, schoolbooks and other documents revealing the full complicity of 'nationalist' ancestors.

  13. tubbssw's rating of the film The Dead Nation

    A refreshingly different, simple but effective documentary format. It reminded me also how little I know of Romania and I am reaching for ----- right now.

  14. raggiodisole's rating of the film The Dead Nation

    Not the most glowing report of Romania, but honest and true to one mans view of history, Eye-opening. A tendency to attempt to align the images with the characters being spoken of, but overall I found the whole film depressingly authentic

  15. St.Just's rating of the film The Dead Nation

  16. Dead Sam's rating of the film The Dead Nation

    The combination of sources provides an effective coverage of a very dark period. Certainly timely, since you can hear the same expressed desire to reclaim national identity from foreign infiltration in political discourse today. The photobooth images make a change from the popular depiction of fascism as smartly uniformed, impersonal and monstrous. The notebook commentary keeps our minds on those who remain unseen.

  17. Radu Ungureanu's rating of the film The Dead Nation

    Very nice. The pictures are such a nice representation of life in Romania at the time, and the voiceover reads the heartbreaking journal of a very intelligent jew doctor, which shows a different, more painful, point of view. In contrast, from time to time there are these radio speeches from the time, full of patriotic bullshit. It's so simple and yet so captivating and moving. I loved it.

  18. Epinephrin's rating of the film The Dead Nation

    The idea with the old photos is quite nice. The reading of the diary is boring. Probably reading it would be a more interesting thing to do than watching it being read + photos. I cannot take it anymore. And after reading the Jurnal of Mihail Sebastian, they had it bad, but not that bad as in other parts of Europe. Still, I cannot see another Jew-Holocaust movie anymore. Though Jew-Holocaust movies produce money !!!!

  19. Carlos Pineda's rating of the film The Dead Nation

    Impresionante relato acerca de la crueldad humana. Rumania ha sido conocido recièn, en el cine, por el dictador Ceausescu pero poco conocìa de su participaciòn en la II Guerra y el apoyo a Hitler en su demencia. La disociaciòn entre las fotos y el diario hacen que sea màs fàcil hacer el proceso de reflexiòn. Un documento muy elaborado acerca de la violencia de unos humanos contra otros, solo por una creencia...

  20. Brotherdeacon's rating of the film The Dead Nation

    No matter how many incisive documentaries we put into the hopper of human education as icons of bitter reflection, we always see the same folly. Perhaps not always the tectonic damage of WW I and WW II, or even the howling barbarity of scapegoating Jewry into the eventual Holocaust. But, perpetually comforting our amnesia for our most grievous sins as we cheer on a new leader, a new border, a new slogan, a new enemy

  21. Dan's rating of the film The Dead Nation

    Fantastic movie!!!! Congratulation, Radu!

  22. Sorin's rating of the film The Dead Nation

    great documentary about antisemitism in romania during 1936 to 1946. The pictures are amazing and so is the voice over in romanian

  23. Richmond Hill's rating of the film The Dead Nation

    A fascinating exercise; simply executed but telling in the semi-random juxtapositions between photographs and narrated journal. It poses questions around the myriad possibilities of associative or connotative meaning of picture and word. Context is everything: is a smiling portrait taken before 1939 a last gasp of innocent hope? Or grinning a year later a case of smug wickedness? Neither or either? Excellent stuff.

  24. Nedelson's rating of the film The Dead Nation

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