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The Last Bolshevik

Le tombeau d'Alexandre

Disutradarai oleh Chris Marker
Prancis, Finlandia, 1993
Dokumenter, Biografi, Sejarah


Based on the life and work of the Russian film director Alexander Medvedkin, The Last Bolshevik is a tribute from one filmmaker to another. The film captures the commitment, energy, struggles, illusions and disillusions of a believing but never naïve Bolshevik.

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The Last Bolshevik Disutradarai oleh Chris Marker

Ulasan Kritikus

Filled with sly jokes at the expense of the censors’ innate absurdities, this story can nonetheless only be a tragedy, and only the director’s haunting sci-fi photoplay, La jétée, exceeds it for emotional heft.
June 26, 2015
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The incredibly rich palette of textures, lights, and colors Marker discovers in video in Last Bolshevik sets new standards for the medium’s beauty and expressiveness. It’s a contentious essay on the history of Soviet cinema and the Soviet Union itself; beyond that it’s a multifaceted self-portrait and autocritique by Marker of what it has meant to be a committed leftist for most of this century. The subject is what it meant to be a communist — and what it means to think about communism today.
January 21, 1994
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