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The Love Parade

Disutradarai oleh Ernst Lubitsch
Amerika Serikat, 1929
Komedi, Musikal, Romansa


The Love Parade made stars out of toast-of-Paris Maurice Chevalier and girl-from-Philly Jeanette MacDonald, cast as a womanizing military attaché and the man-hungry queen of “Sylvania.” With its naughty innuendo and satiric romance, it opened the door for a decade of battles of the sexes.

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The Love Parade Disutradarai oleh Ernst Lubitsch

Ulasan Kritikus

The Love Parade, which Paramount produced in a French-language version also starring Chevalier, is a delightful Ruritanian romance that bests the Berkeley films in terms of scene-for-scene wit and storytelling drive. Something like a cinematic Viennese operetta, it coasts on the charm of film newcomer but already seasoned theater performer MacDonald…
December 02, 2013
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Ernst Lubitsch’s first talkie and first operetta, costarring Maurice Chevalier and Jeanette MacDonald, contains the excitement of movies being reinvented, so that silence as well as sound becomes a brand-new plaything (in contradistinction to silent movies, which usually had musical accompaniment).
January 03, 2003
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