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The Pipes


Disutradarai oleh Vojtěch Jasný
Austria, Cekoslovakia, 1966


Part one finds a silent film actor upset because of a rival actor’s attention to the former’s wife. Part two has the wife of an elderly British nobleman having an affair with the young gamekeeper of their estate. Part three finds a peasant woman taking a lover when her husband goes off to war.

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The Pipes Disutradarai oleh Vojtěch Jasný

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  • Slowart's rating of the film The Pipes

    dymky displays the playful flip side of renowned barrandov studios / dymky is mainly a triptych of absurdist kitchy fairy tales featuring pipes (dealing with actor's insanity, marital problems in swinging london and a smoking saint in the alps who saves the household) / a truly peculiar project on the verge /

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