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The Square

Al Midan

Disutradarai oleh Jehane Noujaim
Mesir, Amerika Serikat, 2013


In February 2011, Egyptians—particularly young ones—showed the world the way people demanding change can drive an entire nation to transformation. The result was a profound movement toward democracy that is still evolving across the Arab world…

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The Square Disutradarai oleh Jehane Noujaim

Penghargaan & Festival

Berlin International Film Festival

2014 | 1 Pemenang: Amnesty International Film Prize

Academy Awards

2014 | 1 nominasi: Best Documentary, Features

Sundance Film Festival

2013 | 2 Pemenang: World Cinema - Documentary (Audience Award)

Independent Spirit Awards

2014 | 1 nominasi: Best Documentary

Aside from being impressed at its even-handedness in covering the events in Cairo that have led to the fall of not one, but two regimes since January 2011 – and counting, I was also very impressed – almost too impressed – by the quality of its cinematography.
July 11, 2014
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The actions of a media collective become legible only as individual initiative. And as valuable as The Square is, this individual focus becomes its downfall again and again. Making a comprehensible story out of the chaos of the ongoing Egyptian Revolution has meant reducing it to the efforts of a few exceptionally talented speakers and artists.
March 01, 2014
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It’s an extremely harrowing documentary, particularly in the way that the drama oscillates between the extreme elation of collective action helping to topple a military dictator, and the bone-shattering nightmares of running street battles and the realisation that everything you previously laid your life on the line for was for naught.
January 09, 2014
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