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6.872 Rating

The Thing

Disutradarai oleh John Carpenter
Amerika Serikat, 1982
Horor, Fiksi Ilmiah, Thriller


A team of American scientists investigate the empty, destroyed base of their Norwegian counterparts in Antarctica, only to discover a terrifying life force that can take the form of its prey.

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The Thing Disutradarai oleh John Carpenter
There are many scenes in John Carpenter’s masterpiece The Thing that make me feel, not just scared, but a chill deep in my heart – intensifying the icy environs these unfortunate men are surrounded by; permeating the picture with unexplainable horror and an all-consuming paranoia. A paranoia these men don’t want to feel for one another. Anxiety, distrust, death.
August 21, 2017
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For all of the Grand Guignol overload of its special effects, The Thing is first and foremost an atmospheric film… This is fitting material for director John Carpenter, who ironically used his biggest budget to return to the kind of small-scale, inward-looking horror of Assault on Precinct 13 and Halloween. But if the physical scope of the film is narrow, its tone is one of vast, cosmic terror, influenced in no small part by H.P. Lovecraft.
November 02, 2016
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That breakdown is presented in exquisite, gory detail, with some of the most lauded special effects make-up work in movie history used to depict people and animals mutating into hideous half-alien creatures and meeting even more hideous demises. This was Carpenter’s first major studio film, and he took full advantage of the resources available to him. In addition to the first-rate effects, THE THING features a brilliant mix of studio sets and location shooting and a fine Ennio Morricone score.
October 14, 2016
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  • tidal waif's rating of the film The Thing

    Crisp+crimson+succulent flesh, yielded by free range critters brought up in low pollution areas. Ethical omnivores, unite! Seeing how fast that thing explodes from the hosting body, I'd add a gunky slogan to the niche farming products I'd scheme to dish out to the strictly connoisseur: forget the balut eggs and controversial fetal soups, here're fresh viviparian delights to take you smack into lymph-dripping Arcadia!

  • VincentVendetta's rating of the film The Thing

    "I am... surrounded by other people." While John Carpenter is perhaps Howard Hawks' greatest student, the classic camaraderie of heroes has now disappeared in the isolating nuclear winter of the cold war, leaving in its place misunderstanding, mistrust, paranoia, psychosis, suicide and murder between men. A path that can only lead to self-destruction.

  • Lights in the Dusk's rating of the film The Thing

    The filmmaking is exemplary. From the foreboding atmosphere created by the isolated setting, pulsing soundtrack & inventive shot compositions, to the grotesque & barely bettered special effects, the film is a masterclass of cinematic form. However, it's the storytelling & its combination of a Hawksian narrative with deeper psychological concerns that gives the film its lasting impact, where fear & paranoia take hold.

  • VENIMOS LOS JODIMOS Y NOS FUIMOS's rating of the film The Thing

    Esta segunda versión del clásico de 1951 es una buena muestra del gran oficio del realizador John Carpenter, quién habilmente combina el horror y la ciencia ficción en una cinta que se destaca por su estupendo manejo del suspenso y la violencia gráfica, resultando esenciales los aportes del maquillador de efectos especiales Rob Bottin, los cuáles siguen luciendo tan logrados (y repugnantes) como hace 35 años.

  • Henri de Corinth's rating of the film The Thing

    Rewatch of a restored 35th-anniversary print. How old-fashioned this film is! The lighting/color schemes (all the humans are drab while the alien gore is three dozen different colors), the acting beats, and the incidental music (aside from the main theme) would all be right at home in a '40s-'50s genre film.

  • Renton47's rating of the film The Thing

    Remains for me a benchmark of experiential film-making. A perfect confluence of the elements, technical and textual, that in its black-hearted masculine outpost sets the standard for how lean, simple, genre can remain. A horror where complacency is the evil, and illogical cries of despair might best express our humanity. Pure, a deeply formative work.

  • T. J. Mesen's rating of the film The Thing

    Top Ten countdown – #8 The most terrifying film there is. Carpenter reduces all elements—save for the violence—to the basics: an empty hellscape, simple characterizations, minimalist soundtrack, an exactitude and precision in shots that's unrivaled. We're the thing(s) and all its/our terrors, evil has always been here and we're the mask that covers it. No morality or hope is left, only a pit, and inside it our end.

  • Christopher M. Jones's rating of the film The Thing

    I never quite got the sense that the monster was the unstoppable force of nature that the movie wanted it to seem like, and that's really the only thing holding this movie back imo because the special effects are unreal and the interpersonal tension is fantastic

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