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93 Rating

The Third Lover

L'oeil du malin

Disutradarai oleh Claude Chabrol
Prancis, Italia, 1962


The story of a journalist in southern Germany who stays with a novelist and his wife and gradually begins to destroy the young couple’s lives.

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The Third Lover Disutradarai oleh Claude Chabrol

Ulasan Kritikus

The Dennis Price character in Kind Hearts and Coronets is at least intellectually superior to his victims, but Chabrol’s poltergeist remains decisively inferior. The point of view is thus morally diseased from beginning to end, and whatever amusement we derive from the pranks directed against a vulnerably big-hearted man and wife is an index of our own repressed aggressions against those we envy and admire.
June 02, 1966
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