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The Trip to Italy

Disutradarai oleh Michael Winterbottom
Inggris, Italia, 2014
Komedi, Drama


Michael Winterbottom reunites Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon for more delectable food, some sharp-elbowed rivalry, and plenty of laughs.

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The Trip to Italy Disutradarai oleh Michael Winterbottom
The moment after Coogan walks out on Brydon, the camera stays behind to survey the other human statues. Elsewhere, while the stars banter, the director often cuts to the hot work being done in the kitchens. Sure, their Tom Hardy and Christian Bale jags are great. But you’re touched by Winterbottom’s awareness that in the scheme of both centuries and a day, impersonations scarcely compare to personhood.
August 29, 2014
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The Trip to Italy might just be the film we need right now. If22 Jump Street is still the year’s most insistently self-aware comedy sequel,The Trip to Italy is without question the most painfully so. It’s not just a brilliant piece of work that lucidly traces the thin divide between laughter and crying, it’s also a ruefully bittersweet reminder that the funniest things leave people in tears all the same.
August 14, 2014
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I laughed like a maniac at the Michael-Caine-impersonation reprise… If you go in for allusive British humor that builds slowly from dry to uproarious, as executed by two absolute masters of the form, “The Trip To Italy” will work for you, I believe. I also think the film, directed, like the prior one, by the astute Michael Winterbottom, is a somewhat smoother trip than the first.
August 14, 2014
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