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The Way of the Dragon

Meng Long Guo Jiang

Disutradarai oleh Bruce Lee
Hong Kong, 1972
Laga, Komedi, Kriminal


A Chinese man pays a visit to his family members who own a restaurant in Italy. But mobsters who want the land the eatery is built upon harass the owners, forcing him to defend his family as only he can. For the sake of his loved ones, he must battle a U.S. karate expert in a Roman coliseum.

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The Way of the Dragon Disutradarai oleh Bruce Lee

Ulasan Kritikus

It tells a lot more about the real character of Lee and how he looked at himself, with a much more lightweight view than the later American-produced endeavors. But this doesn’t mean that this film isn’t packed with stupendous fight choreography that ranks among the best of his career.
November 30, 2015
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