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30 Rating

The World at War

Inggris, 1974
Dokumenter, Sejarah, Perang


A series of accurate documentaries about World War II.

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The World at War Disutradarai oleh Hugh Raggett, David Elstein, Ted Childs ...

Penghargaan & Festival

BAFTA Awards

1974 | 1 Pemenang: Technical Craft Award (TV)

1974 | 1 nominasi: Best Factual Series (Television)

1975 | 2 nominasi: Best Factual Programme (Television)

Apa kata orang-orang?

  • Dan Kenneth Gigernes's rating of the film The World at War

    Thorough and deep detailed account on what happened historically during WW2. Produced while we still had a lot of people alive from the ordeals and with their memories intact. Hugely fascinating archive footage from the war were presented for the first time and the great Laurence Olivier narrated it. Only some newer "hidden secrets"revealed after 1973 is missing - and while gripping it is hard to sit through it.

  • Gonçalo Rosas's rating of the film The World at War

    9 - A hefty time investment, clocking in at a massive 22 hours, but worth every minute. Nearly a full day of fascinating, no-nonsense history illustrated by the greatest compendium of war footage ever assembled, recounted by the people who planned and lived it, and narrated by the pristine pipes of Laurence Olivier. "The World at War" is a war historian's wet dream, and an unparalleled depiction of human taxation.

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