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114 Rating

Thirteen Days

Disutradarai oleh Roger Donaldson
Amerika Serikat, 2000
Laga, Drama


When a nuclear missile presence escalates in Cuba, President John F. Kennedy attempts to curb the threat with help from his aides, his generals and his younger brother, Bobby, then the U.S. attorney general.

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Thirteen Days Disutradarai oleh Roger Donaldson

Ulasan Kritikus

Previously addressed in this format upon release, though I mostly just bitch about Costner’s accent. Which bothers me less now than do the film’s strenuous efforts to “humanize” the crisis, with relative small fry O’Donnell staring wistfully at the-son-who-might-be-nuked-tomorrow at a little league game and so forth. Still largely succeeds at making diplomacy exciting, if sometimes in the manner of an underdog sports movie.
May 06, 2012
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