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9 Rating


Disutradarai oleh Kevin Billington
Inggris, 1973
Horor, Drama


After her young son accidentally drowns, a woman has a breakdown and is finally placed in a mental hospital. After her release, her husband takes her for a weekend at a secluded country mansion, hoping to help her recover. However, things at the mansion aren’t quite what they seem to be…

Film ini tidak sedang tayang di MUBI, tetapi ada 30 film bagus lainnya.
Voices Disutradarai oleh Kevin Billington

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  • Bob's rating of the film Voices

    Moody and sinister but it feels more fitting like an episode of Twilight Zone rather than a feature film. Performances shine throughout even though entire plot is based on paranoia and by that, the characters are meant to be stuck in one dimensional hysteria or denial until the great climax which feels more proper than shocking.

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