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  1. cha's rating of the film We Have Boots

    A necessary film, but made in a disappointingly pedestrian, old fashioned way. Its not that its low tech by today's doc standards which is the issue, but that it keeps you very much at arms length. You never feel close to the subjects, even though their views make you care. The format is so plodding when this should draw you into protestors deeply held passions and their lives more. Still, glad it is there.

  2. Miguel A. Reina's rating of the film We Have Boots

    [Sheffield/Doc] An exhaustive chronicle of the protests that gave rise to the Umbrella Movement as a rejection of lack of freedom imposed by China to Hong-Kong, with interviews to the main leaders of activist groups, and the authoritative response from the Chinese government. It's needless more than two hours to introduce the problem, especially since the director does it with a repetitive and tedious structure.

  3. Xiaopeng's rating of the film We Have Boots