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  1. Amores perros
    Audience Award (Latin Cinema Series)

    Amores perros

  2. O Brother, Where Art Thou?

    O Brother, Where Art Thou?

  3. You Can Count on Me

    You Can Count on Me

  4. A Time for Drunken Horses

    A Time for Drunken Horses

  5. With a Friend Like Harry

    With a Friend Like Harry

  6. Blackboards
  7. Bread and Tulips

    Bread and Tulips

  8. The Hundred Steps

    The Hundred Steps

  9. The Widow of Saint-Pierre

    The Widow of Saint-Pierre

  10. Bread & Roses

    Bread & Roses

  11. Gangster n° 1
    Vision Award in Cinematography

    Gangster n° 1

  12. Chunhyang


  13. Gaea Girls
    Menzione speciale: Documentary Award

    Gaea Girls

  14. Nico and Dani

    Nico and Dani

  15. Big Animal

    Big Animal

  16. His Wife's Diary

    His Wife's Diary

  17. Waiting for the Messiah

    Waiting for the Messiah

  18. Songcatcher
    Producer to Watch Award


  19. The Alcohol Years

    The Alcohol Years

  20. Brighter Than the Moon

    Brighter Than the Moon

  21. Odd Little Man

    Odd Little Man

  22. Before the Storm

    Before the Storm

  23. Maze
    Menzione speciale: New Directions Award


  24. Spring of Life

    Spring of Life

  25. Naked States
    Documentary Award

    Naked States

  26. Taboo


  27. 6ixtynin9


  28. Little Cheung

    Little Cheung

  29. Breath of Life

    Breath of Life

  30. Henry & June

    Henry & June