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Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival

  1. Shoplifters
    Best Director


  2. Cold War

    Cold War

  3. Capernaum
  4. Birds of Passage
    Dr. Avni Tolunay Audience Award

    Birds of Passage

  5. 3 Faces
    Best Film

    3 Faces

  6. The Man Who Killed Don Quixote

    The Man Who Killed Don Quixote

  7. Ayka
    Best Actress


  8. Everybody Knows

    Everybody Knows

  9. A Twelve-Year Night

    A Twelve-Year Night

  10. ARIF V 216

    ARIF V 216

  11. Cebimdeki Yabancı

    Cebimdeki Yabancı

  12. Behind the Lenses of 15 July

  13. Last Spring

    Last Spring

  14. Sezen on the Street

    Sezen on the Street

  15. The Treasure Within

    The Treasure Within

  16. A Life Lost in Colours

    A Life Lost in Colours

  17. Adem's Hand

    Adem's Hand

  18. Trust


  19. Planetree
    Behlül Dal Young Talent Award


  20. Capt'n Sharky

    Capt'n Sharky

  21. Debt


  22. Kailash
    Special Jury Award


  23. İstanbul Kırmızısı

    İstanbul Kırmızısı

  24. Brothers of Silence

    Brothers of Silence

  25. Coming Soon

    Coming Soon

  26. On the Way to School

    On the Way to School

  27. Snow Pirates

    Snow Pirates

  28. Last Stop Salvation

    Last Stop Salvation

  29. Il cavallo di Torino

    Il cavallo di Torino

  30. Hunting Season

    Hunting Season

  31. Werckmeister Harmonies

    Werckmeister Harmonies

  32. Everything's Gonna Be Great

    Everything's Gonna Be Great

  33. The Turkish Bath

    The Turkish Bath

  34. The White Balloon

    The White Balloon