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  1. The Millionaire
    Golden Frog (Main Competition)

    The Millionaire

  2. The Hurt Locker

    The Hurt Locker

  3. Gomorrah


  4. Doubt


  5. La banda Baader Meinhof
    Bronze Frog

    La banda Baader Meinhof

  6. Tulpan


  7. La duchessa

    La duchessa

  8. Four Nights with Anna

    Four Nights with Anna

  9. For My Father

    For My Father

  10. Anger


  11. A Woman in Berlin

    A Woman in Berlin

  12. The Unmoved Mover

    The Unmoved Mover

  13. Go with Peace Jamil

    Go with Peace Jamil

  14. Ex-Voto for Three Souls
    Golden Frog (Documentary Films Competition)

    Ex-Voto for Three Souls

  15. The Offsiders
    Golden Frog (Polish Films Competition)

    The Offsiders

  16. Mala Moskwa

    Mala Moskwa

  17. Drowsiness


  18. 33 Scenes from Life

    33 Scenes from Life

  19. Echo


  20. Elite Squad

    Elite Squad

  21. Don't Get Me Wrong

    Don't Get Me Wrong

  22. On the Line

    On the Line

  23. Black Ice

    Black Ice

  24. One Day

    One Day

  25. In the Meantime

    In the Meantime

  26. On the Third Planet from the Sun

    On the Third Planet from the Sun