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European Film Awards

  1. In the Mood for Love
    Screen International Award

    In the Mood for Love

  2. Dancer in the Dark
  3. La vita è un raccolto
    European Documentary

    La vita è un raccolto

  4. Chicken Run

    Chicken Run

  5. Erin Brockovich

    Erin Brockovich

  6. The Captive

    The Captive

  7. 101 Reykjavík

    101 Reykjavík

  8. The Taste of Others

    The Taste of Others

  9. With a Friend Like Harry

    With a Friend Like Harry

  10. Angels of the Universe

    Angels of the Universe

  11. Faithless


  12. Bread and Tulips

    Bread and Tulips

  13. Gangster n° 1

    Gangster n° 1

  14. Aberdeen


  15. The Wedding

    The Wedding

  16. Some Voices

    Some Voices

  17. Calle 54

    Calle 54

  18. The Legend of Rita

    The Legend of Rita

  19. 27 Missing Kisses

    27 Missing Kisses

  20. Home Game
  21. Forget America

    Forget America

  22. Clouds of May
    FIPRESCI Prize

    Clouds of May

  23. Human Resources
    European Discovery of the Year

    Human Resources

  24. Butterfly's Tongue

    Butterfly's Tongue

  25. Tuvalu


  26. Wojaczek


  27. One Day in September

    One Day in September

  28. Himalaya


  29. Goya in Bordeaux
    European Cinematographer

    Goya in Bordeaux

  30. Jaime
  31. Northern Skirts

    Northern Skirts

  32. The Zone

    The Zone

  33. Kennedy et moi

    Kennedy et moi